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What is SEO

In this article you will learn about what is SEO and how does it works.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

I know, only by knowing full form is not enough.

So, first, let’s understand SEO with an example.

Suppose you developed a website and there you posted some articles. Now the question comes how you will spread your article on the Internet. So that people visit your website to read your article (blog). For this, you can do three things, they are mentioned below:

First Method

You will post your blog on your facebook wall or your website’s Facebook page, share with all your friends using WhatsApp or using other social platforms like WhatsApp. But in this method, you will not get much traffic. Most probably you will get 100-200 visitors, which is very very less.

Second method

To run ads on facebook, run ads on google for a particular keyword or run ads at the beginning of the videos of most popular youtube channels. so that you get more and more views.

Now the problem with this method is that you have to invest money to run ads. It becomes more difficult to do investment when you are a beginner or small startups.

Third Method

The third method is organic search. Through an online search, you can get millions of views at no cost. Suppose you are searching for ‘best digital marketing institutes in India’ on Google or any other search engine. So, whatever you write in the search bar is the keyword. Now it is the responsibility of Google to show all the website lists containing blogs related to this article.

Now the question comes how google makes this list.                               

Here is the use of SEO. SEO helps to optimize the search engine so that whenever a related keyword is searched on google my website should rank on top of the search results.

Suppose you search for a keyword ‘Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India’.


The first website you see is and second is

Now how this website is ranking on the top and how we can optimize our site to rank on Google.

Suppose you made a new website now who will tell google that you have made a website is on this particular domain or topic. Google is not a god, it is itself a website.

So, Google has made GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE (earlier known as google webmaster tool)for all website owners. So whenever you made a new website, the first step is to go to google search console and tell google about your website by submitting your site to it.

There are crores of the website for a particular keyword. It is not so if a particular website is ranking on google will rank on top for a lifetime. Some competitors try to push the top ranking website down and to bring their website on top. This process is controlled by the Google algorithm ( that nobody knows).

Seo for Google

Talking about India, there are digital marketing agencies almost in every state. These agencies are providing SEO services. These companies have a proper rate chart on SEO which is quite high.

But I would recommend you not to pay them. Instead, you can manage your website’s SEO on your own. It is not that difficult.

Parts of SEO 

White hat SEO – white hat means I am not doing anything for ranking. I have given my site to google (using the console) now it is the responsibility of Google to rank my website depending upon certain factors.

White hat strategies:

Duplicate content

Invisible text ad stuffed keyword

Links from sites with non-relevant content

Black hat SEO – In this, we are forcing google and its algorithm to rank my website as fast as possible regardless of any conditions.

White Hat Strategies

Relevant content

Well labeled images

Relevant links and references

Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar

SEO itself is a broad area there is n number of strategies that you must follow to rank higher. So, stay in touch with us.  

If your website is new then you should continue reading this article.

SEO checklist for new websites

SEO checklist, especially for a brand new website, is broken out into four simple steps:

  1. Map up your content strategies – from topics to keywords, what are you going after, what themes are to trying to create on your website. If you don’t know the keywords and content ideas to go after. Then all you can do is writing on the topics which are in trends. For this, you can use tools like buzz sumo, Ahrefs, ubersuggest. They all show you which topics are popular and which are not among your competitors. You must not waste your resources in creating content which is not so popular and no one cares about it.
  2. Create a head list of your backlink opportunities – take out your competitor’s URL and put him into backlinks. These will show you every single person who links with them. This is important because if you don’t have the link list you are not in ahead up to link back to you. You have to go and find the most relevant content that is related to yours and see others’ content and the head-up those people to link to yours because you have a better piece of content that is more relevant and more up to date and more thorough.
  3. Make sure your site loads fast – ranking is important. Without a fast site, you are not going to get ranking. Speed is a part of the Google algorithm. You want to make sure your site loads as fast as possible not just on the desktop but also on mobile. You can use tools like Google page speed to figure out how fast your site loads.
  4. Content distribution strategies – It deals with how you are going to push your content on social media. The more active you are on social media platforms the more engagement you get. By sharing your post on social platforms will increase the traffic to your website. Another thing you can do is you can email people out and ask them to share your content. It is a simple way to get social shares and more traffic.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any query do mention in the comment section.

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