what is anchor text

What is Anchor Text?

In this article we will be discussing about what is Anchor text? And what are its types?

What is Anchor Text?

So, you must be wondering what the significance of Anchor Text is.

Anchor text is basically the text that is wrapping around the hyperlink. In terms of Google’s algorithms, it had a quite high significance.

What it does is basically it tells Google what the webpage is about. In fact, Google itself quoted that “…anchors often provide more accurate descriptions of web pages than the pages themselves”. So here what Google is trying to say is that when a particular text is linked it will also describe about the link. That way Google will know what the link is about and will try to rank that particular link for that particular text.

For example here, my anchor text is Digital Deepak and I linked it to digitaldeepak.com then Google will know that this link is talking about digital Deepak.

One More Important Significance

It also has one more very important significance that is Anchors will also help in describing images, programs and databases and also crawl them in the first place. So, Google primarily is a text-based search engine. Although now they are been pretty evolved and have come to understand what images are but primarily it is a text-based search engine. So, they wouldn’t know what an image is. So, if you are trying to link out an image or say infographics, Google would never know what that infographic is about without the help of Anchors. This is why Anchors are very helpful.

What used to happen before is that people used to use this particular factor and manipulate it to rank higher on the search engines. So, in the earlier days, Google used to give a lot more weightage to Anchor text than what it does today and which is why people use to rank for completely irrelevant terms using just anchor text and manipulating it.

So what Google did was in April 2012, they released an update for the algorithm called Penguin. Penguin penalized all the websites which were using Anchor Text spam. According to Google, 3% of the entire search results were impacted by this particular Google algorithm update. and the search results became much cleaner, much nicer for the user and it helped google to fulfill its objectives.

Even today it plays a very important role in getting your webpage rank in the search engines. So you have to know what the different kinds of Anchor text available are out there.

Types of Anchor Text

There are 6 types of Anchor Text. They are listed below:

Exact Match 

Exact Match is when you use the keyword which you are trying to rank your website for as the Anchor text itself. For example in this sentence “Neil Patel is one of the best digital marketers. So here my keyword would be digital marketers and I have used that itself.

Phrase Match

In Phrase Match, you use your keyword phrase for which you are trying to rank or a phrase wherein your keyword is already mentioned is used as the Anchor Text. For example “Neil Patel is one of the best digital marketers.” Here instead of using digital marketers, my keyword would be a phrase which is one of the best digital marketers

Brand Name

Brand Name is where you use a brand name or your name itself sometimes as the anchor text for your backlink. In the above example, my keyword would be Neil Patel.

Naked URLs

Naked URL is where you just drop in the URL itself. It is definitely considered as a backlink without an Anchor Text. These are the kind of links where you find mostly in forums and community websites like quora and also on websites like Facebook. So this is also one of the natural bases of building backlinks.

Generic Type

Generic type is where people will just hyperlink the words like click here, visit this website and things like that and link it to your website.

LSI Keyword

Last one is wherein you use your LSI keyword. For example “Neil Patel is one of the best Internet Marketers”. So here instead of using digital marketers as a keyword, I have used internet marketers. So, it is thematically similar. It is basically trying to say the same thing but slightly different. Google will still get an idea that this particular link is talking about digital marketing or it can also be categorized as internet marketing.

You can also use images to diversify your anchor text.

I believe after reading this whole article now you very well understood what anchor text is. Still if you have any doubt do mention in the comment section.

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