what is affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this article, we are going to cover what Is Affiliate Marketing? And also How it works.

let’s start.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a very complicated Industry that includes terms like advertising, publishing, traffics, etc that have no meaning to people in normal daily life. But I will try my best to explain to you about Affiliate Marketing in a simple way. 

So, There are basically two ways to make money – 

  1. sell your own stuff 
  2. sell someone else’s stuff

And, definitely no. 2 is the best place for people to begin which is called Affiliate Marketing. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing work?

So let’s say there is a website digitalmini.in as an example and suppose the owner of this website is driving traffic for this website through various advertising sources. So, it could be from facebook ads, it could be from google AdWords, it could be from direct traffic that people are coming to the site and there could be many other sources for traffic.

But more often they are not, what happens is that the digital marketer alone cannot drive all the possible traffic to his site because he will out of ideas for marketing campaigns. Also, he might not have different sources from which he can source traffic. So, that is why companies or websites recruit affiliates where affiliates can send traffic to them.

So, let’s say there are two affiliates, A1 and A2. Usually, the format for the affiliate links will be something like website.com?affiliate=1 where there is a tagging in the URL so that the website owners can find out which affiliate sends the traffic and based on that they will give commission to the affiliates. Commission is given when that traffic is converted into a sale. In most of the cases, affiliate programs are not based on earnings for clicks but it is based on earning for leads or sales so that’s how most of the affiliate programs are designed.  

5 Additional Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. You need a following 
  2. Partner up with a company which is 100% free
  3. Always recommend good products
  4. Follow the links
  5. Get paid

How to become an affiliate?

On many company websites, there is a link called affiliate link on the homepage. It usually not very obvious, it will be hidden somewhere down in the footer, rarely it’s on the top of the navigation bar. So, just go ahead and find for this word affiliate, you will find a page which gives you more information about their internal affiliate program.

Secondly, there are many affiliate networks. So, affiliate networks are the networks that have a lot of merchants and a lot of affiliate on their platforms. Within the network, it is easy to manage affiliate programs than have individual affiliate accounts because in affiliate networks all your payments are consolidated from the affiliate commission from the different merchants.

So, you can also apply to become an affiliate with certain companies some have hidden programs and will not reveal their affiliate program unless you send a mail to them.

And, if you have a well-known blog and you can let people reach out to you. If your website has a very good traffic then company’s with affiliate programs will reach out to you, and ask you whether you would be interested in promoting their program. So here they are doing outreach instead of promoting their affiliate program.

Top Affiliate Networks 

So, what are the top Affiliate networks?

Commission Junction


Impact Radius

Click Bank

Share a Sale

So these are some of the top 5 affiliate networks that come to my mind. If you look at India’s specific Affiliate network then we affiliate is a good affiliate network. There is a lot of affiliate network that you can just go ahead and search for top affiliate networks on Google, you will find plenty of affiliate networks. You could go ahead and signup for all these affiliate networks and once you get approved then yo can fill your payment details and start getting payment directly in your bank account.  

I hope you must have understood about what affiliate marketing is and how you can be an affiliate.

If you still have any query then do comment. I will be happy to help you out.

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