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Quora Marketing – Drive free traffic using Quora

In this article, you will learn about Quora Marketing. Quora is one of the best QnA websites to drive traffic to your blog.

I must say that Quora is one of the best platforms in generating traffic. So ultimately using Quora for marketing our blog could be very beneficial.

Now you may not have come across this website or may have ever heard of Quora before but it is internet’s best-kept secret.

So, let’s start from the very beginning

What is Quora?

Quora is where people come and ask questions and then lots of other people reply and answer their questions. Now, as per the founder and CEO of Quora, they have more than 200 million unique visitors and this is huge. They not only focus on the numbers but also on the quality of the visitors. And, thus you will get the quality of visitors from this website because they will be very targeted and relevant.

This is so because if someone has asked a question about your particular topic and you come into Quora and reply back to them. Then potentially you can drive a tone of traffic to your website just by replying to questions.

I will show you how

Let’s take a niche “Top Digital Marketing Institutes in India”. Search it on Quora.

Now you will see a long list of questions that have been asked about Top Digital Marketing Institutes in India.

And there will be people reply back their questions and this is how we build your profile. When you reply really good answers then lots of people will see you as an expert I that niche.

So, it is a great resource and I would highly recommend you to start using Quora.

But most of the people using Quora are using it the wrong way.

Now the question comes how to use it then.

How to Use Quora for Marketing in the right way

Tip 1

The way you get traffic is you answer the question. Search your related keyword on Quora and answer all the questions. By answering each question you build up authority and your grown popularity. This is something that you should do in the beginning. Here we didn’t generate much traffic but we are generating branding.

Tip 2

Usually what happens is people will logon to Quora and then they are going to search let’s say “LinkedIn marketing”. A list of all the related questions will be displayed. Then they are going to click on one of them and reply. But, what you want to do is to find the latest questions related to LinkedIn marketing which have been asked. And try to be the first one who replies.


Suppose you saw a question on Quora “how to traffic to your new blog” and you have already written a blog on it. Then all you need to do is Copy and paste a few lines of your relevant blog article from your website on Quora and then drop a link of your blog post. This way you will get traffic to your site.

Tip 4 

 Usually, everyone replies in the text format. Instead of posting the answer in text format, post a small video. Answer their questions in that video. Put that video on YouTube and then embedded that video on Quora. This way you will get traffic to your YouTube channel.

If you still have any query, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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