introduction to instagram marketing

Introduction to Instagram Marketing

This article is an introduction to Instagram Marketing. This article is specially written for the beginners, who don’t know much about Instagram Marketing.

I believe that before marketing your business or blog on a particular media you should have some basic information about it.

Here are the topics that are covered in this article:

  • What is Instagram
  • How Instagram is different from other social media
  • Demographics on Instagram
  • Purpose of being on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

I am very sure you are familiar with Instagram and also know what Instagram is. But, still, I would like to tell you about Instagram quickly. It will be a short description as you already know about it.

So, Instagram is basically a social networking platform and it is primarily made for sharing photos and videos from your smartphone. Like other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, everyone who created Instagram account they have a profile and news feed. Profile is everything that they do like their photos and their videos. Newsfeed is photos and videos or content from other users.

So whenever you post a photo or a video on Instagram it will be displayed on your profile and people who follow you will be able to see your post in their feed. 

How Instagram Marketing is different from other social platforms  

The reason how Instagram does is different from other social media sites like Facebook and twitter is the emphasis it puts on mobile use and visual sharing. So, which is why I told you in the beginning also it is primarily mobile and visualize. 

The only problem is very limited real-estate to actually send people from Instagram to your blog but if you are in the industry which caters to the kind of audience that are on Instagram then it would be perfect for you to use Instagram itself as a content marketing platform rather than sending them to your blog. 

Now, before you get on Instagram you need to understand why you are trying to be on Instagram. This is very common for every platform out there. 

Before knowing the purpose you also have to understand the kind of demographics that are on Instagram. 

Demographics on Instagram

I think easily more than 50% of them are in the 18 to 25 range and the rest of it is spread very thinly beyond 25 to 50. So your biggest chunk of audience is the 18to 25 range. You need to understand whether you want to be talking to these. It completely depends on your product or services offering. 

 I am not saying you shouldn’t be talking to these guys. But if it’s a product or an offering or a service or just content in your case is completely aligned with these kinds of audiences then I think you should go ahead and do it.

And also in terms of male-female, it is slightly skewed towards females for Instagram compare to males. But that’s also completely fine.

So think about the demographics.

Now let’s discuss the purpose of using Instagram 

Purpose of being on Instagram

There are a few common ones that you can choose from. I have listed out a few ones here. This can be totally aligned with whatever you are trying to do or maybe it might not be aligned. But nevertheless, you can take clues from here and actually try to build upon this. 

1. Showcase your Products or services 

If you have any kind of products or services or you want to be an affiliate or a reseller for any product you can showcase them on Instagram.

2. Build your community

You can also build your community. This is absolutely great especially if you are in the fashion or health niche or personal development niche. So, if you use Instagram to build engaged community this will help you increase awareness of your brand

3. Increase Awareness of your Brand 

I think this is the most important objective for you being on Instagram. So, this is creating yet another touchpoint for your brand with your audience and as much as possible you try to be in front of them. So that’s what you are trying to do by putting all of that content on Instagram. They might not be able to take immediate action but your brand is being tattooed in their head. And, whenever they see your brand elsewhere they will quickly relate to it.

4. Showcase your company culture and values

I have seen a lot of organizations are doing this. They showcase their company’s cultures and values that they have, behind the scenes and a lot on Instagram. They do so because Instagram is a very casual platform compare to a lot of other platforms. 

5. Increase Brand Loyalty

Instagram also helps you to increase brand loyalty. It can be done by flowing ways:

  • creating social proofs
  • by creating testimonials
  • By engaging with your audience 
  • asking them questions 

Using all the above points you can increase your brand loyalty.

6. Share company news and updates

Any kind of news or update you might have, even for your own blog, you can go ahead and share it with your audience.

So, these are primarily the sub-in objectives that you choose from for being on Instagram. If you think that there is more to it then you can feel free to mention it in the comment section. 

Try to align both, demographics and purpose of using, of these things before you go deep into Instagram.

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