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How to create Instagram Marketing Strategy

In this article, you will learn about Instagram Marketing Strategy that will help you to do branding or drive traffic.

For a blogger to use Instagram as a channel to drive traffic back to your blog is much lesser compared to using it as a platform for visual branding and connecting with your audience. So it means Instagram can be a blogging platform itself rather than using it to drive traffic to your blog. This is so because they have a very limited real-estate in terms of making you go from Instagram to any other third party websites.

I feel that unless you want to use Instagram as a platform in itself to market your content, which you definitely ca depending upon the content and the demographics you have, you might not found Instagram to be very useful to market your blog in itself. 

But there are few things that you can definitely do to engage with your audience and also try whatever traffic you can to your blog. 

Before creating a simple and fundamental Marketing plan for Instagram, you should set up a Good Instagram Profile. 

Once you set up a good profile then the next step is to create Instagram Marketing Strategy.

So let’s find out how you can use Instagram to do all of this.


Decide on a theme

This means what type of content are you going to share on Instagram and this completely depends on the kind of audience you will be attracting and of course the platform. Here the platform is Instagram. And also what kind of content will fly on this kind of platform?

So, keeping these two things in mind here are a few things that you can decide as a theme:

  • Educational and Informational – You can just keep it strictly educational and informational. There are many fitness accounts for doing this very extensively. They keep it very educational and very informative. 
  • Personable Content – Personable content works a lot. Instagram can be a great platform to build your personal brand and thereby rub it off to your blog rather than try to directly send people back to your blog. When I say personable that means you have to come across as a good human being to your people.
  • Behind the scenes content – you can also put behind the scenes as in what kind of content you create, how do you go about creating such kind of content, and if you make videos then how do you create this video and many other things. Humans get excited to see what happens behind the scenes. They will show more interest in such content or videos.
  • User-Generated Content – It can be in the form of testimonials or feedback or just stories of people of themselves telling.
  • Walkthrough or Demos – if you have a product offering or services you can do walkthrough or demos.
  • Memes and jokes – Instagram is being a very young and very casual platform. You can also fly a lot to memes and jokes. I would really work if you keep it to your industry itself.

When you make all these things, then it becomes much easier for you to market your blog. Also, you should not stick to the single theme here. You should mix and match and create a unique theme. 


The next step in Instagram marketing strategy is –

Decide on your style

You need to decide on your style. It means you need to boil on to one single visual language. You need to decide this before working on your content. No, how do you define your visual language or design language for Instagram:

  • Brand Colour – You need to decide what kind of colors you will be using for your blog and it has to be completely consistent with all the colors that you are using on your blog. So, your blog is a brand and Instagram is yet another platform to market your content.
  • Typography – Typography is what is the kind of font you will be using. You know font says so much beyond the actual content itself. So, font should depend upon the type of content you will be creating.  
  • Filters – These filters are like quick fixes to your photos. If you are using actual images or just creating content and you want to add a few filters, it will add to that design language.
  • Caption – you need to compliment your content with captions. You can use captions to say a lot more or to elaborate a content that you are sharing on Instagram. So, use it well and use it wisely.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are very important on Instagram for people to discover your content and also to bring in context to your content. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags but that’s way too much. Pick the right and relevant hashtags. 


Create a consistent content calendar

So, step 3 is to create a very consistent calendar because frequency and timing on Instagram is super important. And Of course, consistency in any social media is important because consistency can help your audience learn when to expect new content from you. 

Also keeping a consistent schedule actually ensures maximum engagement with your audience also. And when it comes to Instagram, I think the best frequency to aim for is at least one post per day. In terms of timing, it completely depends upon the type of audience.

Make your content calendar and stick to it. The more you stick to it, the more consistent it will become. 

Step 4

Use Instagram Insights to understand what kind of content works

Step 4 basically will be closing the loop and also making it stronger. You have to start using Instagram insights to understand what kind of content works for your audience. What is the frequency of the content that works for your audience? What is the timing that works for your audience? Instagram insights give you the information that you will need for you to craft content around your audience.

So, do it consistently, continuously check out Instagram insights.  

This is all about Creating Instagram Marketing Strategy.

If you have any query, do mention it in the comment section.

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