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Best Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

By saying increase Instagram followers, I mean to say you should grow your community and grow your brand innovatively.

So now how do you go about it?

Instantly I think a lot of people be tempted to go out there and get themselves a lot of followers may it be fake or whatever. But I strongly suggest you ‘don’t do that’. In any aspect, I think is the quality that matters more than the quantity.

Of course, initially, you might grow a little slower but you will have that highly engaged set of audiences that you can really bank upon initially. And then after that, you can increase your Instagram followers from there.

You need to set that solid foundation of followers who have actually giving you continuous feedback. Such feedback will help you to improve your content further on.

Also before learning about growing followers you should know how to set up a good Instagram profile.

So, there are a few things that you need to do to increase your Instagram Followers:

Follow relevant accounts and their followers 

The first step would be to start following relevant accounts in your Industry and importantly their followers. If you can, you can go one step deeper and see which of their followers are most active. And try to find out how you can get those active followers to follow you back on your Instagram Profile. Because you are basically sharing the audience with your relevant accounts.

Once you start doing this, it becomes a lot easier. You will start finding very engaged followers initially. So, once you have the set foundation of the engaged followers people will tagging the other friends that way you will start growing organically.

I strongly suggest taking this route. And when it comes to following don’t follow too many accounts. Don’t follow too many people. On a given day follow 10-20 people maximum. If you follow too many people a day, Instagram will ban you. So keep this thing in your mind and don’t go crazy and start following random people.

You should follow really high-quality people and wait for them to follow you back. If they don’t follow back then you can unfollow them.

Post Regularly

Start posting regularly on your Instagram account. The more content you put there, the more your chances are for being discovered by people. And for people to start relating to your content and that they will start relating that with their own friends and own followers.

That’s how you will slowly start growing. So, start posting regularly at least one post a day.

Use Quality Hashtags

Use quality hashtags. Don’t use random hashtags which will, of course, help you get discovered by bots.

Now, you wouldn’t want to be discovered by bots. Would you?

You would want to be discovered by really engaging people. Souse quality hashtags that are relevant to your content. It will help your content to be discovered on Instagram.

Collaborate with others

The easiest way is to collaborate with other people and try to depend on their follower pool. Try to reach out to people who are very active in your industry and see how you can collaborate with these people. You keep doing this with as many people as possible. Slowly you will start building your own followers and you can start doing this with other people as well.

So, collaboration either online or offline it really helps.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content really helps you connect with your audience a lot better than your generated content. Try to understand what they are trying to say, publish it on your platform. Try to get some kind of relevancy and connection with user-generated content and user stories.

Host contest

Contests and giveaways are the easiest way to get people. Again the reason why I am putting this at the end because the quality of your followers might go down because people might be following you just for the sake of winning the contest. So now you wouldn’t want to have that kind of people on your list. You would want to have really high-quality people.

A good way to do this is give something very specific to your industry that way people will actually start inviting people who would find that offering very relevant.  

 you might get few 100 followers but it is way better than 1000 useless followers.

If none of the above things work of course it will but it doesn’t then try the next in the Queue.

Promote content

Always promote your content on Instagram to gain followers. They have their own ad platform like Facebook. You can just go ahead and promote your content and that should help you gain a lot more followers.

So the more followers you have the more engagement can have.

That’s all about increasing Instagram followers.

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