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How to set up a good Instagram Profile

The first and most important step in trying to succeed in Instagram Marketing would be to set up a good Instagram profile.

A good profile is very important. Seriously, engaging people on Instagram becomes easier if your profile is descriptive and complete.

So, let’s understand how to set up a good profile. It is super important because your Instagram profile is basically like your home page for the platform. And it provides you with some space to share whatever information that you want to share.

So let’s find out very quickly how to set up a good profile.

Public Profile

Your profile should be public means anyone in the world can view your profile and posts on Instagram. By default, your Instagram profile will be public. If you are creating a business profile on Instagram it means you want anyone to be able to view your posts and follow your brand. Else, if you keep your profile private, then anyone who visits your profile won’t be able to view your profile. Ultimately, could deter them from following you.

Bio and Description

your description has to be very personal especially if you are doing it for your own blog. You have to represent what your blog is going to be and what you do as a blogger or what you do as a person itself. So, it can be extremely straight forward or it can be like you can go a little creative depending on what kind of blogger you are.

Profile picture

Profile picture is very important because it tells a lot about you. If you are a blogger try to be professional or you can also use your logo as your profile picture. You can be casual but don’t try to be too casual also. The profile picture on Instagram is pretty small so don’t break your head too much on it. But, at the same time somebody views your post or feed or clicks on your profile, it has to be in such a way that your profile picture can be instantly recognizable. So keep this in mind. And since it is smaller it makes it all the more important for you to keep it clear and simple.

Link in your Bio

Instagram is the only place where you can showcase your link and show it to your followers and show it to the world. Unlike many other social networks, unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links to every post instead you get only one link and that’s the one in your profile. And, you might have observed this yourself most bloggers or businesses depend to use this particular link to drive traffic back to their blog. It can be a key traffic driver from Instagram especially if it is very campaign specific.

think what a lot of people do is they post content which basically connects to the blog. And say that you can go back to my profile and you will find the link over there. Gary Vee does that a lot. He posts mimed related to the new blog post then he asks people to go and click the link in the bio.

Keep it active

The last thing you need to be doing is you need to try to keep it as active as possible. This is so because you don’t want somebody landing up on your profile just to see a handful of posts and no engagement at all. Instagram is not the kind of platform where you would want to be seen as a wasteland of an account. You need to be as active as possible. Of course, the activity will only increase with time. But you need to try to make it attempt that you need to be as active as possible on Instagram.

Many other things should consider while creating Instagram profile for your blog. But, all the factors which are mentioned above are of great importance.

After creating profile now its time to learn about Instagram Marketing Basics

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