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Free Keyword Research Tools: 5 Tools for SEO

In this article, I have mentioned a bunch of free keyword research tools that help you to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche.

Now there are certain statements around the word FREE and into certain strength its true. With free keyword research tools, you may not get the top many features like that to come with premium tools. But, you can get quite a bit of value when using the tools together and correctly.

Below are the free keyword research tools that I am going to discuss in this article:

  • Google Correlate
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Google Trends
  • Answer the Public

Now I will explain to you how you can use them and also the pros and cons of each tool. They won’t cost you a penny.

So continue reading till the end.

Let’s Start!

Google Correlate

Google correlate finds queries with a similar pattern to a target data series.

So, suppose I type to lose weight in the search box. You can see that people are also in exercises, Fattening, they want to lose specifically 20 pounds, lose belly fat and the list goes on.


Using this tool you can find sub-topics that will help you maximize coverage on the topic impossibly get more organic keyword ranking.


No search metric accompany these keywords

You often find keywords that apparently have high correlation but make absolutely no sense.

Keyword Shitter

Actually, this tool minds Google auto-suggest keywords based on the seed keyword.

So if I type Lose Weight in the search box. It will start mining data.


The main pro of this tool is that it generates thousands of related and long-tail keywords. They also have nice positive and negative features that you can use to narrow down your list.


It takes quite a long time to find meaningful keyword

It does not have search metrics.

Keyword Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a Google Chrome browser extension that adds in in-line view of search metrics on popular websites.

Steps to use this tool

You need to install the extension then signup for a free account.

Go to settings and enter the API key. You will recieve API key through Email.

free keyword research tools

Now when you go to any of the sights that are highlighted in the above image, you will get instant keyword metrics.

free keyword research tools

Now if you go to Google search and type in a keyword phrase you will see the various metrics right beside your target search query.

You will also see the related keywords in other keywords that people search for on the right side of the search result page.


The obvious pro is that you get all the search metrics for free


It sometimes shows inaccurate search volumes.

Search Engine Auto Suggest

There are numerous search engines, other than Google, that you and I use every single day like Amazon, YouTube, Pinterest, and the list goes on.

So, if you are in a niche business like making home-made cards. Then you might go to ETSY and search for let say cards.  You will see great keyword ideas in the auto-suggestions like cards box with nearly 50k monthly searches, cards for boyfriend with 2900 monthly searches and so on.

free keyword research tools

But remember these search volumes besides the search keywords are based on Google searches and not ETSY or whatever website you are looking at.

Suggestions from a niche sites like this would likely produce better results than just using Google search.

Google Trends

Using this tool you can see the past and present popularity of the keyword.

For example, if I search for “selfie stick” in Google trends

free keyword research tools

You will see that the trends seem pretty stable over the past 12 months

free keyword research tools

And keywords everywhere show that it has a monthly search volume of over 201,000 over a month. But is the really so?

Remember search volumes from Google keyword planner are rounded annual averages.


 Using his tools you can do market research on a niche, product or a topic and get an understanding if it is worth your time and effort to pursue.


Since Google’s trend is based on popularity among all keywords and all topics, you won’t really know anything about search volumes or how much organic traffic this term can generate for you.

In my opinion, this tool is indispensable so use trend data to get an understanding of whether your keywords or topics are worth targeting over the long how. But you need to pair up with the keyword research tool that provides accurate metrics to get a full scope.

Answer The Public

Open Answer the Public tool. Type in the keyword “Lose Weight” and run the search.

At the bottom, you will see that it has hundreds of questions, prepositions, comparisons and more.

Scroll down.

If we go to the questions section and switched to the Data view. You can see the search volumes since we have keywords everywhere extension and installed.


So the solid pro is that you can find some long-tail keyword phrases here. Secondly, you can get great keyword ideas.


Data is actually quite limited. You might think that 107questions seems like a lot but compare that with the ahrefs they are less. But ahrefs is a premium tool.


Now when you are doing keyword research, you don’t need to use all the tools mentioned above. So let me tell you the simple workflow that you can follow.

For example, Let say I sell homemade cards.

With keywords everywhere extension installed, I will go to Google and search for homemade cards.

If you look to the right, people also search for it. From there you can choose the better keyword phrase depending upon the relevancy and the search volumes.

Next, go to Google Trends and type in your chosen keyword. And check the popularity of the keyword in the past 5 years.

Then go to Answer the Public. Again type the chosen keyword in the search box. In the data view section, you can check the search volumes and the CPC.

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