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Free Image websites: To Get best images for your website

Here I have mentioned some resources to get excellent free image websites. Whenever you build a website, what really makes stand out and look good is quality images. You have to have a resource for quality images. 

Now, there are several ways to get images. There are freeways and there are dangerous ways and then the paid ways.

Dangerous way to get images for your website

So, here we will see the most dangerous ways to get images for your website. And that is just doing a Google image search. 

I usually do it in a safe way. Whenever I want a logo for a company, I will do a Google search. But, certain image owners will take action if you use their images. The best example is Garry Vee. Gary owns a lot of images and if they find you using their images on your website then GOODLUCK for you because you are going to have to find some legal means to fight. 

So this is the way Google images work. Sometimes it’s ok to use like I said I use it if I want to find a logo for a company that I might be doing something for. This is the way I do.

But, it’s dangerous; you are really playing with fire. 

Now, several resources are actually fantastic to get free images.

Top Free Image Websites to get Images for your Blog


pexel - free image websites

I use this many times. When you land upon this website you will see quality images. 

Now, the way they get their images is some contributors upload their images to this site. You don’t have to give any attribution or anything like that. And typically the images that you find on Pexels are very high quality. 

Pexel is one of the popular websites which become popular in a very short time. You have the choice to select the size of the photo before downloading it.

I love Pexels sand I use it a lot.

2) Pixabay

One of the bigger and larger free image website is Pixabay. Some of the images on the Pixabay website are the same as that of PEXEL. And some of the images might need to give attribution. When you click into an image, you will see at the right. It says free for commercial usage, no attribution required. 

These are the kind of images I like to go for. I don’t want to have that image, in order to use it legally on my website, for which I have to give a link to some website or some place. I usually avoid such kind of images.

3) Unsplash

It is similar to the above two websites but definitely, you will find some different images here. The cool thing about Unsplash is that you actually have the categories appearing on the top menu. So, if you want you can select the desired category, Unsplash will so you result accordingly. 

Unsplash offers a large library with more than half a million high resolution curated images. These images are donated by talented photographers.

4) Stock Snap

This is another free image website that is created by its folks with hundreds of images added each week. Therefore they have an interesting collection of high-quality images to choose from. In addition to their search feature, it might be a good idea to look at their popular categories.

5) Life of Pix

Life of Pix is created by an advertising agency is a great resource for some of the stunning and high-resolution photos. With some of the unique images, Life of Pix should be in your top of the list when gathering new photos.

6) LibreStock

There is a new way of finding images it’s called the LibreStock. And, what this does is it searches the entire free image websites impose all the resources in one place. 

So if I search for “cute puppies”.In this search, it is showing me results of cute puppies. 

These images are being from lots of different free image websites. See here is one image from stock Snap.

free image websites

Instead of just going directly to those websites you can just come here. LibreStock is like a google for the free images sites. And when you click on any one of the Images, it is going to take you over. 

For example, suppose there is one image from pixabay. If I will click on that image it is going to take me to the pixabay site.

There are many other free image sites but these are sufficient. I use only these four websites. I am sure you will get your desired images just by using these sites.

The list of free image websites goes on but these six websites I told you because I use these specific websites for my blog.

So,use these websites and also share your views .

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