Best Methods to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads
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3 Best Methods to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

More website traffic does not always mean more revenue, unless the revenue model is purely based on display advertising. Unlike other revenue models, display advertising model brings the lowest revenue per visitor. Some studies suggest that only 27% of the internet visitors actually end up looking at a display ad.

There are my ways to monetize internet traffic. But the best way is to convert them into leads and then promote a product or service to them through email marketing or a phone call. This is also called Inbound Marketing.

The best way by which one can attract traffic to a website is via content marketing. Blogging, social media and email marketing are the best way of doing content marketing. However, in this blog we will be talk about how to convert the traffic to a website into leads.

 Landing Pages

Landing pages actually attracts visitors. It is considered as one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages are generally designed for collecting contact information. Very effective landing pages when combined with targeted traffic can give a conversion ratio of 50-60% or even more than that.

Embedding several landing pages inside your blog or main content website increases the chances of more people coming to those landing pages via search engines, referral, and direct traffic. Hence it increases the chance of lead collection.

landing page - website traffic

Choice may vary person to person and hence we should not rely on only one landing page. Instead of putting one landing page, we should use different landing pages and then measure which landing page performs better.

You can design your own landing pages easily with the help of some plugins and themes available in the market.

Notification Bars

Notification bars are the wide banners displayed on the top of websites. Main purpose of using notification bar is to gain attention of the visitors. These bars stay on the top of the website even when people scroll down the website. You can put anything in the notification bar like email form or link to one of the landing pages.

notification-bar - website traffic

You can use Notification bar plugin on wordpress, it is free. Notification bar plugin only works on wordpress. If you search around, there are many free as well as paid alternatives that you can use.

Unblockable Popup Forms

Unblockable Popups are one of the best ways to convert website traffic into leads. You may have seen such popup forms in many websites. It helps in converting 2% to 10% of your daily web traffic into leads. Moreover, it depends on the effectiveness that you offer.

popup-opt-in-form- website traffic

For WordPress websites, there are many plugins. One of them is popup domination. The above image shows a popup domination plugin. This plugin is a premium plugin and it also offers split testing and tracking options.

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