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11 Best Digital Marketing Books: For Entrepreneurs and Marketers

If you are passionate about digital marketing then you must know about the best digital marketing books to enhance your skills. By researching many websites and by reading reviews I have created this list. 

If you are not aware of this life-changing career then you must know first what is a digital marketing and also the benefits of learning it. Then get back to this article because until and unless you don’t know about Digital marketing and the future scope of digital marketing. This article will be useless to you.

What is Digital Marketing and the benefits of learning digital Marketing

Now the great thing about books is that somebody spends years of their lives otherwise most often a decade actually figuring the stuff out and then years to writing the actual book. So it is a highly created piece of content.

Now you go out there and read a blog post or a podcast they are all wrapped up by a freelancer in an afternoon. There are very few websites who actually do research then publish a blog post. Although a blog post is also helpful because they give you updated information that books don’t. But the value of the book compare to some other temporary content is massive.

So, if you are a beginner then you should read books to strengthen your base and along with that try to read the blog post.

Reading books is one of my favorite ways to figure out what is my next move for a company. So, if you are a marketer and you want to be better at your job or you want to make money, these books are going to help you out.

So let’s jump in and talk about the 11 best digital marketing books.

Top 10 Online Marketing Books

1) The Rules of Marketing & PR

best digital marketing books

Author: David Meerman Scott

The book that I definitely start with is a book by David Meerman Scott. He is one of my favorite experts in content marketing and social media.

What this book does for you is it explains how exactly social media and that their blogs and content Marketing have changed the marketing perspective. It also explains to you how to use social media, online video, mobile application, how to build on real, how to make your PR efforts and also take advantage of your online presence.  

2) Content Chemistry

best digital marketing books

Author: Andy Crestodina

This is another book that I would definitely recommend is Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina. Andy is one of the top SEO and content marketing experts worldwide. And what this book is so good for us that it’s actually an illustrated handbook containing a lot of Digrams and practical tips for your digital marketing efforts.

It actually takes you through all the cycles of Content Marketing. And also explains how to take advantage of content to build up your SEO. 

It’s really good and you will love it and it’s so easy to read it. 

3) This is Marketing

best digital marketing books

Author: Seth Godin

Well. It’s the third recommendation but definitely whatever you can get your hands on by Seth Godin. It’s definitely a must read book. 

What Seth explains in his book is how conversational marketing works. He gives you hints about how to use social media in order to listen to your customers first. If you want to engage with your customers in conversations, it is very important to listen to them.

So I think “This is Marketing” is definitely a must-read for digital marketing and for everything that has to do with marketing.

4) Call to action

best digital marketing books

Author: Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

If you go more into online and more into conversion optimization and user experience, then “call to action” is definitely a must-read. It is written by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg.

In my opinion, they are the number one user experience experts in the world. They have tons of experience and they actually give you a lot of details from A/B test done for real brands. And it is really good.

It says that it gives you the secret formulas to improve your online results. And it is actually like that. Also, it explains to you how a simple CTA change could result in more conversions.

This book is especially good for e-commerce. 

5) Priceless


Author: William Poundstone

If I am talking about e-commerce then “Priceless” could be another book that could help you when you are building your pricing strategy. Also, it helps when you are thinking about your discount campaigns, your offers and so on.

It explains you the hidden psychology of value. Also, it explains too why it’s not only important to have discounts but also to build perceived value for your end customers. Definitely, a must-read book.

6) Advanced Google AdWords

advanced google adwords

Author: Brad Geddes

Now to get more into the geeky side of a personal favorite of mine because I am a geek is “Advanced Google Adwords” by Brad Geddes. 

In my opinion, it is the top book if you want to understand Google Adwords. Google AdWords is now known as Google Ads. 

This book explains you the basics of your Google Ads campaigns and it’s like very important. It is the Bible of Pay Per Click Marketing. And it makes things easy for you.

7) Made to Stick

made to stick

Author: Chip & Dan health

On to the softer side, if we talk about copywriting. The book would really love is “Made to stick Hidden Persuasive”. This is so because I am not generally a creative person and copywriting doesn’t come easily to me. I really like this book.

It explains to you how to build ideas that stand out. It’s perfect for those times when you don’t have such huge marketing budgets but you need to build a campaign that really stands out. 

8) Web Analytics 2.0

web analytics

Author: Avinash Kaushik

Now, another geeky one. That is like another Bible of Google Analytics this time is the “Web Analytics 2.0” by Avinash Kaushik. If you don’t know Avinash, you definitely must follow him, his blog and twitter profile and so on.

He is like Google Analytics Guru. He is also a very good trainer and a very good speaker.

As I was saying, this book is like an analytics Bible. It is absolutely huge and it’s very complex. It takes you through everything that you need to know about web analytics.

9) Predictably Irrational

predictably irrational

Author: Dan Ariely

A must read definitely is “Predictable Irrational” or any other book by the behavioral economics specialist Dan Ariely. He is really good at explaining how we as humans don’t always make decisions based on very rational things.

And it gives you a few examples in order to understand how to better persuade your customers.

10) Buyology


Author: Martin Lindstrom

Talking about persuading customers, “Buyology” by Martin Lindstrom also tries to explain the hidden reason behind our buying decisions. After doing a lot of research, Lindstrom in his book reveals what goes on inside our heads when we see an advertisement, hear a marketing slogan, or taste 2rivan brands of drink.

  And it’s also a real must-read. 

11) Contagious

best digital marketing books

Author: Jonah Berger

And last but not the least, by Jonah Berger “Contagious” explains how you can build digital word of mouth in this new world of noise, social transmission and so on.

This book provides specific, actionable techniques for helping information spread – for designing messages, advertisements, and content that people will share.

Whether you are a business owner or a marketer in any firm, contagious will show you how to make your product or idea catch on.

I hope this article, best digital marketing books, was helpful to you. Now I believe after reading this article you are able to find out best digital marketing books for yourself.

If you want you can share review of any other book in the comment section.

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