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Amazon Affiliate Program Rules – Prevent yourself from getting banned

In this article, we are going to discuss some Amazon Affiliate rules that is to be followed to prevent getting banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program. So, It is important to know the rules.

Since we want to be a long term Affiliate marketer we must be safeguarding that business from getting banned from Amazon or Google or any other affiliate program.

Before proceeding, you must know about What is Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we are going to discuss some rules so that we are in a good light when it comes to amazon affiliate program.

So, let’s began!

Have a disclosure on your site

Make sure that you have disclosure in the footer of your niche site or your blog which promotes Amazon products as an affiliate. So once you have given a disclosure like this your users will start trusting you more. And, also Amazon highly recommends you to do that.

Use Right Amazon Buttons

The second thing to remember is to use the right Amazon buttons. Suppose, if you are running a Google ad then know that there are few important things to remember. I mean using Amazon-branded buttons in the ad copy is not acceptable by Amazon. Amazon wants to protect its brand, so it is not comfortable with people using branded buttons in its copy. 

Don’t Show Price

The number three is not to show price. The price on Amazon which you see is very volatile. It might be 900 for one moment after they are fresh the price might be something else. Amazon has its own algorithm which determines the price. So, unless you are using a particular API to pull that price and show it on your website you should not display the price of the product on your affiliate website. It is so because Amazon doesn’t like fake pricing or pricing which is very high to be shown to its users. So again it’s a branding thing that Amazon is careful about.

Don’t link from Sexually Explicit and/or Violent Sites

You should not link to those websites which promote violence, give sexual education or something which is harassing. Like, you are participating in a Facebook group which is about some hatred or violence. You might share your Amazon affiliate link on such groups and if Amazon finds it then Amazon might ban your account.

Don’t Send Amazon Affiliate Links in Email/SMS

Never send Amazon Affiliate links in emails and SMS. It is because Amazon doesn’t like you promoting offline and if you are promoting it in any printed material mainly SMS, MMS, or an attachment to an email or any other document. For instance, you are in confidence and you say that “why don’t you go and buy the products on Amazon using so and so link”. That is not allowed by Amazon.

Use only Amazon URL shortener service

Only use Amazon URL shortener service. You should not use any other redirecting tool. For user-friendly URL you have to use a link Cloaker tool but you should not use this tool on Amazon. When you are promoting amazon link you should use only amazon service. Many affiliates are getting away with this. Amazon might not be so strict when it comes to implementing this particular item. But still, you should use this to be on the safer side so that you don’t get into trouble with Amazon.

Don’t use affiliate links for items you purchase

Make sure that whenever you are buying a product on amazon you are not using an affiliate link. You promoting the link among friends, relatives, contractors, businessmen, etc. to directly or indirectly purchase any products through those links. Therefore, your use isn’t encouraged by Amazon.  Amazon wants its brand or products to be talked about in a new bunch of customers.

Don’t operate more than one account

This is important because one of your accounts might get banned and Amazon has its own multiple accounts for only few amazon associates. You can create multiple tracking id’s. Once you create multiple ids and one you use those for individual websites you know how much amazon affiliate commission you are making through each niche website. So, you don’t need an extra account for every website which you affiliate.

Don’t Violate Amazon’s Trademark Policy

Amazon clearly mentions that you should not use websites with domain names like Basically, kindle is proprietary of Amazon and Amazon doesn’t want its brand to be jacked and it doesn’t want URLs like or So, it doesn’t want its brand names.  If you want the complete list of brands of Amazon, Let me know in the comment section.

Paid Search Placements

Two things you need to keep in mind here. One thing is you are not supposed to bid in Google Adwords for keywords like kindle or Amazon or prime now or Amazon prime or anything related to amazon trade marketers. And the second thing is that you are not supposed to directly send traffic to Amazon Affiliate links through Google Adword.

Do not use Amazon Customer’s reviews without an API

This is what the agreement says that you will not display or otherwise use anywhere our customers’ reviews and star ratings on your site unless you have obtained a link to that customer’s review through a PA API. And you comply with the requirements for the PA API described in the license. We have a tendency to copy customer reviews or the description given in Amazon please reframe from that because Amazon doesn’t like it.

I hope you understood Amazon Affiliate program rules very well.

If you have any query, do mention it in the comment section.

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