best social media traffic tools

5 Best Social Media Traffic Tools

In this article, you will learn about the 5 best social media traffic tools.

But before that, I want to ask you do you find it hard to get traffic from social platforms? Well, who doesn’t?

Getting social web traffic is a bit hard. You work harder and harder to get traffic from different Social Medias whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or any other social site out there.

Let’s start!


best social media traffic tools - hootsuite

It allows you to share your social content out. With Hootsuite, you can share your content on all social sites with ease and a few clicks. You can also share your content for many months in advance. This is important because most people share their content on one of the sites like twitter. With a few shares your content on sites like twitter 6 times in a year that same piece of content you roughly get 2-3 times more traffic. It is a simple way of enhancing traffic and you should be doing that.

when you share your content most people want to see it so there is nothing wrong in sharing the content 3 to 7 times throughout the year.

Many chat 

best social media traffic tools - many chat

If you want to get traffic from Facebook, many chat will help you out. It is a chatbot tool like a messenger and what you find is the click-through rates are ridiculous it beats out an email. If you want easy traffic start using much chat. What all they could do when people come to your website they can subscribe to you through Facebook messenger and then you can push it out you blog post in many chat. You will get open rates above 60%and click through rated about 30 to 50 percent.


best social media traffic tools - Buzz sumo

 You end up writing content and a lot of time you share it on social platforms but no one likes it or does comment or engage with it. But with BuzzSumo, it will show you all the other popular articles within your space and all the articles that are not popular so look at the topics that are popular write about it on your blog and then share it on all social media sites. You will get more traffic because you are only writing stuff that people want to read about.

Social Blade 

best social media traffic tools - social blade

When it comes to YouTube everybody knows about social blade but not only YouTube this tool is equally effective for all other major social media sites. Social blade will show you your subscriber growth over time as well as how much content you are pushing out. It will also help you find patterns in if I put 5 tweets do I get more followers vs. one tweet. With this you can also find out how much subscribers you are getting per day based on the content you are producing. This will help you in optimizing how much content you should be creating to get the maximum subscribers.

Hello Bar

best social media traffic tools - hello bar

 Hello Bar helps you collect emails on your website. When you collect these emails then when you push out content in your social web, send the email to all your subscribers saying check out the post on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media site. This will help you get way more traffic.

So far you have read this article about best social media traffic tools and now its time to implement on your blogging site.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any query please feel free to mention it in the comment section.

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